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27 Oct 2016
Microsoft Certified Partner

Seminar Information

What will I learn?

Our Outrageously Easy Recovery Planning seminars will teach you how to:

  • Recognize and analyze the threats that face your company
  • Be prepared for any emergency or disaster that may hit your company
  • Minimize risk to your company and resources when disaster strikes
  • Recover quickly when disaster strikes
  • Train and prepare staff to react quickly, decisively and appropriately
  • Develop a detailed Business Continiuty/Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Test and evaluate your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan

By the end of the seminar you will have learned how to prepare an in-depth Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan and have a draft of your first plan to take back to your office.

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Should I attend?

  • Anyone responsible for managing the Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning process
  • Business owners/managers who want to safeguard their investment in the company
  • Managers of companies that don't have a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan in place or the Plan is out of date
  • Prospective Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planners
  • Members of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Teams or Emergency Reaction Teams
  • Managers of: operations, security, database management, MIS, IT, call centers, retail, associations, non-profit organizations
  • Financial officers and controllers

Where and when is the next seminar?

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Other attendees say our seminars rock!

The instructors are some of the best minds in the field of Disaster Recovery. They are able to exchange ideas and information in a way that is fun and easy to put to use. I would recommend this seminar for anyone that is either new to Business Continuation or is a seasoned pro.
Tandi D Zerfoss, CISSP, Secure Computing Corporation, Minnesota.
The Disaster Recovery seminar was excellent.  It provided a gauge for our company to measure the progress already made and the progress we need to accomplish.  Jeff Williams did a terrific job of covering all aspects of Disaster Recovery, for the large corporation and for small business.
Rosemary Wolfe, Marvin  & Palmer, Delaware.
Great seminar! Covered a tremendous amount of information without dragging or becoming overwhelming.
Katherine Ogden, Contra Costa Community College, District California.
The seminar was excellent. The information presented was very useful, the pace was good, and Dr Williams did a superior job presenting the material. Real-life examples and experiences presented were extremely beneficial. I gained a great deal of valuable information from the seminar.
Oscar P Lewis, Jr, Bureau of Employment Programs, West Virginia.
I had no idea where to start with our Disaster Recovery Plan until I participated in the Binomial seminars. The information provided was exactly what I needed to get a good jump start on a plan. Now I look like a real pro to Adaptec's senior management!
Dana Brown, Adaptec Corporation, California

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